About Us

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TM Innovative Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a South African based Digital Agency with broad interest in business development, technology and engineering. Our organisation encourages the practicality of Open-source software (OSS) within the commercial space, constantly off-setting the traditional beliefs in the industry, surpassing methods which were often considered standard.

Upon our 3rd year of business, we were nominated and won the MEA Market's African Excellence Award for the "Most Client-Focused Digital Marketing Agency" in South Africa (2022). Our main objective remains to help shape the future of African Innovations beyond measure. Furthernore, add hope across the continent to be fairly able to compete on a global scale.

We perfectly understand the daily struggles most entreprenuers are commonly faced with, and adhere to possibly ensure them with a smooth ride in their journey of discovering their dreams. We pride ourselves for being more than just a service provider to all our clients, following up with our exceptional after-sales service.


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